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Book Blurbs: Small Great Things

Warning! This is not a happy-feel-good post! But it’s worth the read! First and foremost, let me say this post will not do this book justice.  Jodi Picoult wrote this book so eloquently and with such a thought provoking narrative that I found it down right uncomfortable to read. Sometimes the things that make us… Continue reading Book Blurbs: Small Great Things


I did a guest post on an awesome Mom Blog!

Good morning everyone! I posted a blog over on Diary of a Mom yesterday! It is run by an awesome Momma I went to school with so go check her site out 😀


Strawberry Blueberry dump cake

This recipe is for the laziest of the lazy. So easy that even *I* could have made this back in the day. I used to not be able to cook or bake. ANYTHING. NOTHING. My cakes turned out like bricks and my cookies were like pancakes. It was bad but I think I *probably* could… Continue reading Strawberry Blueberry dump cake