Three tricks to quickly soften butter!

Are you an organized and prepared baker? Yes? Well congratulations! I would love to be but it never works out that way. I am a “HEY I AM CRAVING SOME COOKIES/CUPCAKES/Who-cares-as-long-as-it’s-sweet” kind of person so I bake with little notice or preparation .


Crockpot Candy

If you have been on Pinterest lately odds are you have seen dozens of pins about crockpot candy. I love all things made in the crockpot and anything covered in chocolate so I knew I had to make this myself. I looked at a bunch of different recipes but in the end went rogue and… Continue reading Crockpot Candy

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Mamas favorite meatloaf

I am all about quick and easy dinners. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking but with 3 kids running around, I have minimal time and minimal energy left to feed everyone. This recipe uses 4 bare bones ingredients but throwing in a few extra things can really jazz it up! Mamas Favorite Meatloaf Ingredients… Continue reading Mamas favorite meatloaf


Strawberry Blueberry dump cake

This recipe is for the laziest of the lazy. So easy that even *I* could have made this back in the day. I used to not be able to cook or bake. ANYTHING. NOTHING. My cakes turned out like bricks and my cookies were like pancakes. It was bad but I think I *probably* could… Continue reading Strawberry Blueberry dump cake