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Fisher Price Smart Scan Color Chameleon Review

Hi everyone! This weekend we were at Toys R Us and I found this nifty toy hanging out in a clearance bin. The Smart Scan Color Chameleon by Fisher Price.


I don’t usually like to buy electronic toys but I am a sucker for all things educational so when I found this for $10 I knew I had to give it a shot. Can I just say how crazy today’s technology is? I’m always blown away with how advanced even children’s toys are becoming!

My original plan was to put this away and give it to Carson for his birthday in June but I forgot to hide it. Whoopsie! Add that to my long list of things I’ve forgotten to do this week.

The overall purpose of this toy is to teach color identification and it really hits the nail on the head! The paintbrush has a scanner  you hold up to something that is a solid color then you push the scan button. Like magic it will (hopefully) tell you what color the object is!

Scanner button

It comes with ten color splats that you can use to scan the colors. They are also numbered 1-10 so they can be used in a number recognition game.


I tested the accuracy of the paintbrush scanner by scanning some random things around the house and it did very well at identifying the colors on flat objects.

Testing it on things around the house

The chameleon has 3 learning modes and each mode has 2 or 3 different games to play! To change between the games in each mode, hold down the scanner button until you hear a chime. It will then say the name of the new game. This can be a bit tricky. I found that it will only change if you have not started a game yet. If you have, you must turn the whole thing off and back on. I was a bit frustrated by this but I’m sure it was made this way so kids don’t accidentally hold the scanner button too long and change their game by accident.

Here is a breakdown of all the modes and games:

The Colors mode has 3 games

  • Color Identification mode -just scan a color and it tells you what it is
  • Color Recognition -Chameleon will tell you what color to find. Like a color scavenger hunt. Both of my big kids enjoyed this game.
  • Color mixing– Chameleon tells you 2 colors to scan that make a new color. This one is pretty nifty!

Numbers and Counting mode also has 3 games

  • Free Play Count– scan colors and Chameleon will count along with each that you scan from 1-10
  • Counting Directed Colors– Chameleon will tell you what color to find then try to scan as many things of that color that you can!
  • Number Hunt– For this game you scatter the paint chips around and chameleon will tell you which number to find. Getting started with this one is a bit tedious since you have to scan each paint chip first but it does that so it wont call out a number you don’t have!

Games– this mode has 2 games

  • Counting colors– for this game you want to find as many colors as you can in 60 seconds
  • Follow the lights– Chameleon will change colors and you scan the color splats in the order that the colors flash. I found this one to be very tedious as some of the color lights are hard to tell apart. Pink and purple are extremely similar as are yellow and orange so some kids may find that frustrating.


The good

-Price Point. For $10 you get a lot of fun for a little money.

-The educational content of the games. As a former Preschool teacher I appreciate the fun way this teaches a concept.

– The songs are cute and catchy

-The varied difficulty of the many games

-It can be played seated OR it can get your kids up and moving


-It fits nicely in a shoe box container to be stored easily

I love when things can be contained and organized easily


The not so good

-The lack of  volume control

-Paint brush scanner can have a hard time identifying colors on some fabrics

-The light in the scanner is SUPER BRIGHT so keep it away from your eyes

-Size, It is an awkward shape which makes it hard for kids to hold and press the scanner button at the same time

It is not very often that I buy anything for the kids without reading a ton of reviews or price shopping for the best deal but I am glad I took a chance on this. Overall, I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with this toy. It can be used with a large age range which is a huge pro in my house! My guys range from almost 2 to 8 and they all can do something with it!  That means they all fight over it but that’s life!

My 6 and 8 year old had a blast with this

Fisher Prices’ Smart Scan Color Chameleon gets an almost full bar on the Mom-o-meter.

Had it been slightly less finicky and a bit easier to hold I would have given it a full bar.


All my kids loved it, especially the big kids. You can hear their thoughts in the video clips below!



If you want to try it out you can purchase it here!

Just an FYI, I was not paid or sponsored to do this review. I just thought it was cool and wanted to share 

If there is something you would like to see me review, leave a suggestion in the comments!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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