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April Fools Day Family Style!

When you live in a house full of boys, EVERY DAY is April fool’s day. Nothing brings my husband and kids more joy than pulling a prank on Mom. April fool’s day was supposed to be my day of retaliation but I completely forgot about it until the day before!  Here is a list of last minute pranks that you can throw together in no time!

  1. Wake your kid up in a panic and tell them they are late for school. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work on my guys since they knew it was the weekend. Had it been an actual school day I would have fooled them!
  1. Serve them Jello in juice cups! This one takes a bit of planning ahead. The night before, make Jello but instead of making it in a dish,  pour it into cups and stick a straw in! This one fooled all 3 of my guys!
  2. Give them a box of donuts, but instead of having donuts in it, fill it with bagels, rolls, veggies etc. Whatever you have on hand! We gave them an Empty Duck Donuts box and had we been more prepared, we would have put rubber duckys in it! (Don’t worry, we got them real donuts later!)FullSizeRender (7)
  3. Make poop out of brown play dough and leave it on the toilets! We didn’t do this one but I would have if I had planned ahead!
  4. Make poop cookies! Use chocolate cake mix to make cake mix cookies (I will post a recipe soon.) This is another one I wish I had done but every day is a good day for cookies, even if they do look like poop!
  5. Put black string on a favorite piece of clothing and lay a Sharpie next to it (but make sure a kid cant ACTUALLY get to it) Husband did this to me with a new pair of leggings and I FREAKED OUT.FullSizeRender (8)
  6. Change your name in someone’s phone to their bosses name or their mom or dad and text them something strange. I tried to do this to Husband but it didn’t fool him. GRRR
  7. Have cupcakes for dinner. MEATLOAF CUPCAKES! Bake meatloaf in cupcake pans then put them in pretty cupcake liners. Make some mashed potatoes (boxed in fine) and put them in a Ziploc bag. Cut the corner of the Ziploc bag and pipe the potatoes onto the meatcakes! (my favorite meatloaf recipe is here )
  8. Change the zoom on someone’s phone. Husband tried to do this to me but I caught on right away since my Facebook icon was not in the right place! To do this on an Iphone, go to settings>display and brightness>view>zoomed. It’s just subtle enough to slowly drive someone crazy.

    How it should look vs how it looked zoomed
  9. Change all the clocks and make the kids think its BEDTIME when it’s not. Around 530 we changed all the clocks to say 8pm. The kids put on jammies, brushed their teeth and went to bed! Honestly, I probably could have left them there and they would have gone to sleep but I didn’t want to mess with their sleep schedules so I got them back up.

There ya have it! Super easy, minimal effort, lack of planning pranks! Obviously, this post would have been better posted before April fools day instead of after but better late than never right?! If you have any easy prank ideas share them in the comments below!

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